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me podeis decir que quiere decir esta funcion?

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Hola en el modulo de instrumentos en el ultimo label del vagcom aparece la activacion y desactivacion de una nueva funcion, son las marcadas en rojo, alguien me puede decir que es.


C00,Instrument Cluster (J285) Coding

C01,00??xxx: Options I

C02,+01 = Smaller Fuel Tank Volume (All-Wheel-Drive)

C03,+02 = Side Marker Lights Indicator Lamp inactive

C04,+04 = 3. K-Number (Rental Cars)

C05,+08 = 2. K-Number (Australia)

C06,+16 = Clutch Pedal Switch Operation in FIS Display

C07,00xx?xx: Country

C08,0 = Germany (D) / 1 = Rest of World (RoW) / 2 = USA (US)

C09,3 = Canada (CAN) / 4 = Great Britain (GB) / 5 = Japan (JP)

C10,6 = Saudi Arabia / 7 = Australia (AUS)

C11,00xxx?x: Seatbelt Warning

C12,0 = No Seatbelt Warning

C13,1 = Seatbelt Warning Europe-NCAP

C14,2 = Seatbelt Warning USA and Canada (NAR old)

C15,3 = Seatbelt Warning USA and Canada (NAR new)

C16,4 = Seatbelt Warning Europe-NCAP (incl. passenger)

C17,5 = Seatbelt Warning USA and Canada old (incl. passenger)

C18,6 = Seatbelt Warning USA and Canada NAR new (incl. passenger)

C19,00xxxx?: Options II

C20,1 = Standard (< 11/2006)

C21,4 = Washer Fluid Warning inactive (11/2006 >)

C22,8 = Washer Fluid Warning active (11/2006 >);


un saludo

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