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VW Golf Plus


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Exactly between the gulf and the Touran, VW discovered another space, celebrates place for a "progressive Allround Vehicle“, place for the gulf plus, that its world premiere on the motor show in Bologna and come becomes in January 2005 on the market.


Place, one of the traits of the Touran, adapted VW now also for the gulf without creating an all too obvious high roof-copy. With a height of 1.58 meters, it surpasses its brother around 95 millimeters. The gulf plus comes differs with an independent Karosse therefore, that receives style means of the gulf, however also in details of the bestseller, remains however around 5.4 centimeters under the corps measure of the Touran. Doors, hood, bumper, fender, roof, floodlight and back lamp the VW-designers newly formed. The motor hood shows the reversed proportions of the gulf. The V-förmigen lines are arched towards the top, the fenders lie clearly more deeply. Altogether causes - also through the higher extension of the windshield - the gulf plus tight, almost aufgedunsen. The gulf takes maximally 1,450 liters of volume plus on in the comparison to the gulf, pass the modified floodlights on the side of into the fenders in. While the side-line of the gulf remained plus almost identical, the stern party also newly was formed. The LED-Rückleuchten in the new design lugen as well as the floodlights around the corner and pass up to the C-column. The stern flap, that in the opening on 2.08 meters (gulf: 2.07 meters, Touran: 2.05 meters) soars itself, had to

subject itself to also a Facelift. And exactly there the tour in that starts in on the search for the place.


The drawer edge is fits in 62.4 centimeter heights (Touran: 58.0 centimeters; gulf: 68.0 centimeters), at the narrowest place 100.8 centimeters of drawer goods wide into the gulf plus. As a maximal through drawer height, 84.2 centimeters stand to the decree. With regard to drawer volume - the trunk ground can in two steps raises become - stand extends itself the plus 395 liter in normal seat configuration to beech, in umgeklappter back bank the volume to 1,450 liters. Also with these values, that positions itself plus between gulf and Touran. More latter comes on 695 liters or 1,989 liters in fivefold Bestuhlung - in the gulf find 350 liters of respektive 1,305 liters of place. The back bank is that in the ratio 60:40 divisible and can be shifted around 160 millimeters. The supports umgeklappt become, the seat area sinks itself off and yield an almost even drawer ground.

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