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77-Telephone -- Status: Sporadic communication error 1000

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VAG-COM Version: Release 512.4-UD




Gateway Installation List: 1K0 907 530 J


01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000

02-Auto Trans -- Status: OK 0000

03-ABS Brakes -- Status: OK 0000

00-Steering Angle Sensor -- Status: OK 0000

15-Airbags -- Status: OK 0000

44-Steering Assist -- Status: OK 0000

55-Xenon Range -- Status: OK 0000

09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: OK 0000

46-Central Conv. -- Status: OK 0000

42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: OK 0000

52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: OK 0000

62-Door,Rear Left -- Status: OK 0000

72-Door, Rear Right -- Status: OK 0000

16-Steering wheel -- Status: OK 0000

08-Auto HVAC -- Status: Malfunction 0010

76-Park Assist -- Status: OK 0000

7D-Aux. Heat -- Status: OK 0000

47-Sound System -- Status: OK 0000

37-Navigation -- Status: OK 0000

56-Radio -- Status: OK 0000

77-Telephone -- Status: Sporadic communication error 1000

17-Instruments -- Status: OK 0000

25-Immobilizer -- Status: OK 0000

19-CAN Gateway -- Status: Malfunction 0010


hay errores porahi


77-Telephone -- Status: Sporadic communication error 1000 --->>>este es el q kiero corregir.


aver si alguien sabe aq se debe error :(


thx chikos :)

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