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Audi A6L & Cabrio

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The new Audi A6L, built in the Changchun plant in China, today celebrated its debut in Shanghai. Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, and the joint venture partners of FAW-VW, President of the FAW Group Zhu Yanfeng and General Manager of FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd., Qin Huanming, emphasised the significance of the new Audi A6L for the Chinese market.


Winterkorn stated: “The Audi A6L will be built exclusively as a long-wheelbase version in China for the Chinese market. This premium product, which is wholly orientated to our Chinese customers, thus enables us to go one step further in China than in the rest of the world.” In Europe the A6, already the winner of numerous awards, including “World Car of the Year”, stands as a benchmark for high quality and excellent workmanship. In Germany the A6 has been named the “Best Car of 2005” and in Italy leading designers have declared it as the “World’s Most Beautiful Large Saloon”. “It is our aim,” said Winterkorn, “to extend the success of the new Audi A6 to China as well. The special Chinese version the A6L, which has undergone extensive trials in the country, offers convincing proof of our market leadership in the Chinese premium segment.”


The Audi A6L occupies a leading position among its competitors in terms of driving comfort and luxury, spaciousness and design. The chassis, engineered specifically for road conditions in China, provides outstanding suspension characteristics, particularly when the optional adaptive air suspension system is chosen. The wheelbase of the A6L, ten centimetres longer than that of the A6 saloon, is unique. This extended wheelbase benefits passengers in the rear of the car, giving them legroom hitherto unknown in this vehicle segment.


The Audi A6 has also been highly praised for its qualitative charm and design. Qin Huanming, General Manager of FAW-Volkswagen Automobile, stated that, “The Audi A6L is a masterpiece of design”. One example of this is the new image that this family now enjoys, with its single-frame radiator grille. The Audi A6L sets standards in other respects too. The vehicle can be ordered with quattro permanent all-wheel drive, through which Audi has been proving its proverbial on-road “Vorsprung durch Technik” for the last 25 years in convincing style. The quattro drive is offered in 2005 in conjunction with the 3.0 six-cylinder (218 bhp) engine and the 4.2 eight-cylinder (335 bhp). This is the first time that Audi’s programme in China will include an eight-cylinder engine in the A6 range. The 2.4 (177 bhp) engine is a further six-cylinder available from dealers from day one. The four-cylinder 2.0 TFSI engine (170 bhp) will follow shortly after. Customers can choose between a manual transmission and two automatic transmissions, multitronic (2.0 TFSI, 2.4 and 3.0 litres with front-wheel drive) and tiptronic in the two quattro variants.


The Audi A6L can deliver even more evidence of its innovative technological credentials. The MMI control system enables hassle-free operation of a wide range of functions such as a telephone, audio systems and navigation systems. Vehicle settings can also be adjusted easily. If the vehicle is fitted with the adaptive air suspension system, the customer can use the MMI to select a chassis tuning ranging from sporty to comfortable. If the driver does not make an selection, the vehicle level adapts itself continuously to the road and the speed of travel.


High-comfort equipment leaves nothing to be desired. MMI in the Chinese language, servotronic, a leather steering wheel and a light/rain sensor are just some examples of the extensive features that are provided as standard. Naturally the Audi A6L boasts the same comprehensive safety features as the standard saloon. These include a state-of-the-art ESP generation and head/front and side airbags. In the Euro NCAP crash test, the Audi A6 was awarded five stars, the highest possible rating.


During recent months, the Audi A6 has been presented with almost every award that a car can possibly win. Besides the title “World Car of the Year”, it received the “Auto1” award, a major international automobile prize. Winterkorn remarked: “To us these awards are clear confirmation of our product strategy, namely: The best of all worlds.”




At the unveiling of the A6L, Zhu Yanfeng, President of FAW Group, stressed: “In terms of sales, brand influence and customer satisfaction, during recent years the Audi A6 has left its competitors trailing.” Some 200,000 Audi A6 cars have been built in China to date. According to Winterkorn, China is already the world’s largest market for A6 saloons. Audi will surely set new standards with the A6L.


The Audi A6L, which will debut at the Shanghai Motor Show on 21 April, is to be launched on the Chinese market in the middle of the year.





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