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B&B Audi A6


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Wenn Tuner B&B an den neuen Audi A6 3.0 TDI Hand anlegt und die Leistung des Selbstzünders um bis zu 75 PS anhebt, wird die Limousine zu einem wahren Diesel-Sportler.



If tuner B&B sets 3,0 TDI hand on the new AUDI A6 and raises the achievement of the self fuze over up to 75 HP, the sedan becomes a true Diesel sportsman. In the first stage engine electronics is reprogrammed and it is slightly increased load pressure. Thus torque full 275 HP and 550 Nm instead of standard 225 HP and 450 Nm, which want to be paid with 1.298 euro, result. If B&B ignites the stage two, then are added apart from the adjustment of the motor control a special turbocharger with changed exhaust elbow union an optimization of the sucking in ways, the air circulations and load air cooling. In the sum then 300 HP and a maximum torque from 600 Nm rise from the Dreiliter-V6 to a price of 5.998 euro. The sporty power Diesel settles the Sprint of zero on 100km/h in 6.5 seconds, and only with 261km/h the propulsion ends. The aerodynamics range was revised by means of a special front apron, a front grill and December ducks a tail cover spoiler. In the range of the tail apron a new center section is used, in order to make the use of the sport final tubing adaptation possible. Here two final tubing versions are available. In the chassis range sport chassis feathers/springs, those stand the structure by 30 millimeters set lower or a completely adjustable thread chassis ready. In the wheel range several light alloy wheels with polished high-grade steel surface up to 9x19 tariff with 245/35er tire are possible.


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