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WOLFSBURG, Germany - What started as an online exclusive in June with the first King Kong trailer is now being continued at the Frankfurt Auto Show IAA.


Volkswagen will be showing further exclusive material from the set of King Kong in New Zeeland at a stand which has been inspired by Skull Island.


Furthermore, Volkswagen will be presenting a Touareg special model "Kong" at this year's IAA – a real power package both inside and out which can take on its namesake. “The film and the creature itself fit very well to this SUV with its off-road capabilities and ability to move confidently from rugged jungle outposts to city streets,” says Joern Hinrichs, Head of Volkswagen Global Marketing.


Underscoring its wild character are visible cues such as floor-guards front and rear, side skirts and a comprehensive chrome package. Identification as the official member of the King Kong crew will be provided by a specially developed badge. The Touareg will be presented wrapped into ropes – an allusion to the tied up sacrificed white woman in the movie.


An unusual advertising campaign has been devised for the Touareg and the stand: large adverts which show Kong in action at central locations in Frankfurt, such as the Bockenheimer Warte, the old library in the Schöne Aussicht and around the trade fair.


And subject to availability of his shooting schedule, actor Thomas Kretschmann is planning to visit the stand. He plays the role of Captain Englehorn, who brings King Kong to New York on his ship, Venture, in Jackson’s film.


With the extravagant construction of the stand and the extraordinary advertising campaign throughout Frankfurt, Volkswagen has started the second stage of cooperation with NBC Universal for King Kong. "But it gets even better," Jörn Hinrichs, happily explains "the advert for the special model with scenes from the film is also being produced by Peter Jackson’s Weta Productions in New Zeeland. That’s something really special."

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