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DRIVER TEAM CAR Best Lap Av. Speed\Gap



Stéphane Ortelli (MON) Team Oreca Playstation SEAT Toledo Cupra






Peter Terting (GER) SEAT Sport SEAT Toledo Cupra






Jordi Gené (ESP) SEAT Sport SEAT León






Rickard Rydell (SWE) SEAT Sport SEAT Toledo Cupra






I Tom Coronel (NED) GR Asia SEAT Toledo Cupra






I Erkut Kizilirmak (TUR) GR Asia SEAT Toledo Cupra





Alfa domina en Estambul


Cuatro Alfa en las cuatro primeras plazas del GP de Estambul de la FIA WTCC. Gabriele Tarquini saldrá desde la pole por delante de James Thompson, Augusto Farfus y Fabrizio Giovanardi. Jordi Gené (SEAT) ha colocado su León en la octava plaza mientras que Antonio García saldrá desde la plaza 13.

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Una primera carrera, buena para SEAT... salvo la sorpresa de última vuelta con los neumáticos... petada general para 2 Alfa Romeo (que iban los 4 en cabeza, en boxes no se lo creian). Y para el SEAT León... lo mismo, una lástima pues iba Octavo :(. La delantera derecha.


Michelin, a mis ojos, cada día hace más méritos para que yo la tenga en buena consideración... la verdad. Poco o nada me creo ya de lo que me digan sobre una Michelin y su "fama"...


En la 2º carrera, pues un poco mas de lo mismo. Y en Alfa Romeo que tampoco hacen mucho para que me caigan bien... ese brasileño que hace como que pilota no se que ha echo adelantando en la ultima vuelta al que iba primero, para dejarle paso en la última curva. ¿Que te crees que eres el mas fuerte, el mas gallito?

Alfa Romeo = Sin Vergüenza.

No puedo con ellos ;) además, una forma de ir por la pista... ;)


Aquí los resultados.



1º Manga:



DRIVER TEAM CAR Laps Elapsed Time Av. Speed\Gap



Rickard Rydell (SWE) SEAT Sport SEAT Toledo Cupra 10






Jordi Gené (ESP) SEAT Sport SEAT León 10






I Erkut Kizilirmak (TUR) GR Asia SEAT Toledo Cupra 6


4 laps




I Tom Coronel (NED) GR Asia SEAT Toledo Cupra 5


5 laps




Stéphane Ortelli (MON) Team Oreca Playstation SEAT Toledo Cupra 5


5 laps




Peter Terting (GER) SEAT Sport SEAT Toledo Cupra 5


5 laps


2º Manga.




Rickard Rydell (SWE) SEAT Sport SEAT Toledo Cupra 10






Peter Terting (GER) SEAT Sport SEAT Toledo Cupra 10






Jordi Gené (ESP) SEAT Sport SEAT León 4


6 laps




Stéphane Ortelli (MON) Team Oreca Playstation SEAT Toledo Cupra 3


7 laps

Mal finde para Ortelli.

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ASI va la cosa.


Estambul se rinde a Alfa


Las dos carreras del GP de Estambul del Mundial de la FIA WTCC han tenido un solo color: el rojo de Alfa Romeo. Las dos carreras han sido ganadas por los coches italianos y Giovanardi y Tarquini se han repartido los triunfos.





CARRERA 1: Dominio de Alfa


La firma italiana ha sido la dominadora de la primera carrera del Mundial de la FIA GT en Estambul. Fabrizio Giovanardi ha logrado su cuarta victoria de la temporada por delante de su compañero de equipo, James Thompson. La tercera plaza fue para el BMW de Andy Priaulx justo por delante de Antonio Garcia. Y eso que el alfa de Tarquini y el de Farfus destrozaron las ruedas delanteras en el último giro cuando marchaban tercero y cuarto. Lo mismo le ha sucedido a Jordi Gené con su SEAT.


CARRERA 2: Alfa repite


Al igual que sucediera en la primera carrera, Alfa Romeo también lograba el doblete en la segunda de las carrera de Estambul. El triunfo ha sido para Gabriele Tarquini, que sumaba su segunda Victoria de la temporada sobre su compañero de equipo Augusto Farfus. La tercera plaza la ha logrado el italiano de BMW, Alessandro Zanardi. El británico Andy Priaulx robaba el liderato del mundial a su compañero de equipo en BMW Dirk Müller. En esta carrera, ni Jordi Gené ni Antonio García han acabado






What looked set to be an Alfa 1-2-3-4 from lights to flag was not to be, when on the last lap both Tarquini and Farfus suffered front right tyre failures. The former was lying 2nd behind the eventual race winner Fabrizio Giovanardi, when he went wide and continued at a slow pace to cross the line in 7th. Farfus’ problem was far more evident as parts of his tyres came flying off with the remaining rubber ripping the bodywork. But the Brazilian determinedly finished the race in 8th to begin Race 2 from pole. With two of the Alfas out, BMW man Andy Priaulx was left to pick up the final podium position behind Thompson. ?

At the start Priaulx squeezed between the SEAT cars of Ortelli and Terting to jump up to 5th. Within a matter of seconds Ortelli went wide at a corner and clashed with Terting as he re-joined the track, both retired to the pits later in the race. Dirk Müller’s cars was also involved and damaged. A further incident occurred during the first lap as Hennerici and Larini made contact collecting Jörg Müller on the way. On lap two, García overtook Gené to claim 7th and Zanardi overtook Dirk Müller for 9th. Meanwhile, the four Alfas were pulling away with Giovanardi 2nd until lap 3 when he overtook Tarquini for the lead.


After making fantastic progress at the opening stages, Coronel came from the back of the grid to challenge Menu for 11th spot. However the Dutchman retired with an engine failure, just like his Turkish team-mate Kizilirmak. Ahead of them, García mounted another attack on a SEAT, overtaking Rydell for 6th. Over the next two laps García continued his rapid pace and eventually got past Priaulx for 5th. However, Priaulx reclaimed the position after García on the last lap. ?

Lap 9 saw Menu battling with Rosenblad. The Chevrolet man took 11th from the Swede and eventually finished 10th as Gené’s SEAT León was the third car that suffered a tyre failure and dropped from 8th to 17th in the closing seconds. All was not lost for Rosenblad however as 11th was good enough for him to claim the independent win.




Alfa Romeo encored in the second race as they achieved another 1-2 result. This time however it was Gabriele Tarquini who took victory, with Farfus just 0.263 of a second behind. Zanardi made his second podium appearance of the season as he fought off challenges and maintained 3rd position for the entire race.

?Funke’s Ford and the two GR Asia of Coronel and Kizilirman did not make the grid after their engine failures in the first race. Farfus began from pole but was overtaken by Tarquini on lap 1. Lap 2 saw Giovanardi pass Thompson for 6th and Dirk Müller overtook Menu for 9th. Cirò then challenged for 9th spot but Menu kept his ground. ?

Rydell and García were racing side by side and it was not long before the SEAT driver lost 4th position. On lap 3, both García and Giovanardi passed him. Shortly afterwards, Giovanardi attempted to overtake Zanardi and García went round the outside of the pair. Contact ensued, sending García spinning off the track where he remained, while Giovanardi managed to continue. Dirk overtook Priaulx on lap 4 with the Briton subsequently loosing positions to Rydell and Menu to finish 9th and just out of the points. At one stage the racing was so close for the final point position, Rydell’s SEAT, Menu’s Chevrolet and Priaulx’s BMW were within one second of each other. It was eventually Menu who finished 8th with Rydell 0.129 of a second ahead.?

In lap 5 Giovanardi regained the positions he had lost in the incident with García, but not for long. Rydell was overtaken by Dirk who continued his fight through the field and followed Thompson as they passed Giovanardi, demoting him back to 6th. Dirk finished the race in 5th while Rydell headed the SEAT Sport drivers with a 7th place finish. ?

Farfus and Tarquini, who had broken away from the rest of the field had their own battle on the final lap as Farfus took the lead for a matter of second’s before his team-mate pulled back ahead coming into the home straight and secured his second victory of the season.?

Cirò had lead the independent category for most of the race and was in a brilliant 10th position when he was hit by Terting on the last lap. This caused him to spin and lose four places while Hennerici went on to claim the Independent win finishing 11th overall.


Race Quotes


Fabrizio GIOVANARDI – 1st in Race 1 and 6th in Race 2?

“Our car was great this weekend and we did a good job in qualifying which put us in a fantastic position. Starting from 8th on the grid in Race 2 is always difficult because you have so many cars to overtake. I tried to overtake Zanardi and did not see García. The braking was very difficult with three cars entering the corner and I just touched Antonio (García) but I think it was a normal race incident. The title fight is really getting exciting. Four points is not a lot.”?

Gabriele TARQUINI – 7th in Race 1 and 1st in Race 2?

“Race 1 was very unlucky for me because if it were not for the tyre failure I could have scored more points and helped Giovanardi in his fight for the title. It was a shame but I am happy the same problem did not occur in Race 2. The circumstances were different because Farfus and I had a gap from the others so I was not fighting as hard as I was in race 1.”?

James THOMPSON – 2nd in Race 1 and 4th in Race 2?

“It would have been such a fantastic result if we had managed a 1-2-3-4 in the first race; for the team and the championship. The car was brilliant in the second race after we made a few quick changes. I thought I could catch Alex (Zanardi) at the end but picked up a little vibration so decided to ease off slightly in order to avoid a puncture and finish the race.” ?

Augusto FARFUS – 8th in Race 1 and 2nd in Race 2?

“As a whole, this weekend was good for the team. It was unlucky what happened to me and Gabriele (Tarquini) in the last lap of Race 1 but starting on pole for Race 2 made it quite easy to manage and we did a good job.”?

Alessandro ZANARDI – 6th in Race 1 and 3rd in Race 2?

“Today I was fortunate in Race 2 which got me on the podium again whereas my team-mate García was not so lucky and I think he was fast enough to go out there and win the race.”?

Andy PRIAULX – 3rd in Race 1 and 9th in Race 2?

“I may be in the lead for the Championship but I am a bit disappointed in general because Race 2 was disastrous for me. My balance hadn’t really felt right all weekend and so I asked the team to make a big change in between the races because I was desperate. It turned out to be the wrong decision.”?

Carl ROSENBLAD – 11th in Race 1 and 18th in Race 2?

“I have led races five or six times this season so now I am happy and proud to get this win. We have struggled to pull everything together so far but today I feel as though I am in the positions I should be. I wanted a double victory but in Race 2 I broke my steering which was unlucky.”?

Marc HENNERICI – 13th in Race 1 and 11th in Race 2?

“I’m so happy to have achieved a win because I had just one set of new tyres left at the start of Race 1 and I was involved in the crash with Larini and Jörg Müller. So when I lined up for Race 2 I didn’t think it would be possible to win. I was a lucky man today and am looking forward to the next races where I hope to secure the championship win.”

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