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Corvette+Aston+Serie 6 = ??


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New Supercar A Scorch Draw


Here's what Aston Martin's design guru is working on now. Before you put your money down on a Spyker, Koenigsegg or Edonis, you might want to consider a Fisker.


Henrik Fisker, the design chief responsible for Aston's stunning DB9 and the forthcoming V8, is on the brink of becoming a supercar superstar in his own right with his new firm, Fisker Coachbuild. And these are the first official pictures of his new creation.


The pencil sketch reveals a sleek cabriolet with huge wheels, angular front light clusters and massive air scoops in the bumper. The second picture reveals how his team - based in California - is working on a clay model of the 200mph two-seater. Insiders are tight-lipped about how the final version will look on its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. However, judging by these images, it will be like nothing the stylist has penned for previous employers Ford, BMW or Aston, which he left last year.


With power set to top 610bhp, buyers can expect blistering performance in a hand-crafted package. And as only 150 cars will be produced, they're also assured of exclusivity. However, Fisker isn't the only coachbuilder readying a new product. Italian designer Alfredo Stola plans to unveil his own supercar in June. Prices for both are yet to be confirmed, but anyone who's interested would be wise to start saving now.





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cosa fina fina,joe canim no te convence este y el m3 si?? no te entiendo tioo, menudos gustos oscuros menuda linia finura finura!!

El culo no me gusta nada tiene una aire demasiado retro me recuerda a un Alfa...si no me convence es más q nada porq esta cosa al lado de un Vanquish o un DB9 ni por asomo.


Si me lo dan claro q me lo quedo, lo vendo y me compro un M3 CSL del tirón :lol2:

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