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Necesito frenos traseros YA


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Hola Amigos, he stado en S2forum pero no me claro de nada.

Allí uno montó en su día los frenos de un S4 B5 y ahora ha pasado a los del B7 de 300.


Claro, esto es muy bonito pero siempre y cuando tengas pelas. Yo no tengo ni un chavo y me jode poner otros discos de juguete.

En su día se habló que los frenos del UrS4 son tambein de 265 y ventilados. Y estos tal vez sí que pueda compralos en desguace.


Qué me decis?

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Pues hombre, ando mejor que tú el vasco pero ahí ahí.

No tengo nada de pelas y Paul me ha dicho que le meta otra vez lo de origen pero es que pensaba buscar los fenos de alguno de desguace y meterselos.

Con 265x22 me conformo o incluso 256

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Pues todo se resume a esto:


"I finally have an update for you - its been over a year in the making but hey --->




The final configuration for the S2 Coupe (NOT Avant or Sedan) is as follows.


300x22mm rear disc from neu S4 - part number = 8E0 615 601R (2-off)

Diameter reduced to 280mm - no other mods to disc - cost 20 quid for machineman


280x22 carrier from the S8 - part number = 4D0 615 425C (2-off)


Rear caliper from UrS6 - same as RR quattro - part number to follow

This caliper has a bigger piston than the S2 item. Topology is perfect.


S8 pads for those 280mm discs - part number = 1J0 698 451L

The pads are sited perfectly on the disc surface by the carrier. No overhang.


4 x 50mm long caliper carrier bolts - part number = N101 815 02

Shortened to 35mm. The 30mm original bolts are too short cos of carrier spacers.


12 x M10 washers approx 1.25mm thick

Arranged three deep for a ~4mm spacing to centre the S8 carrier over the disc

These are a bit fiddly to fit cos they get sandwiched between hub and carrier - a properly made spacer bracket would be more elegant and easy but its no biggie.


To complete the transition I renewed the hydraulic lines to the caliper - same as S2 hose along with new spring clip for the union bracket. Part numbers below:


S2 Coupe rear hose = 893 611 775 (2-off)

Union clip for hose = 4D0 611 715B (2-off)



Fitment to one side of the car is complete - bad light stopped play ! My rear discs are now bigger than my fronts until I get the 996 monos fitted with A8 323x30 discs but thats another entirely more easy story. This exercise is just to get me thru MOT - then I'll get to the front anchors


This disc reduction to 280mm was only necessary on the Coupe cos of the handbrake routing to the caliper - the UrS6/RR caliper is a perfect fit on the Coupe application.


On an Avant/Sedan, you can run with the 8E0 disc at full size of 300x22 using the corresponding carrier, caliper and pads - not cheap but a mighty upgrade for the Avant/Sedan and the handbrake combination of that 8E0 caliper works on the Avant/Sedan.


Parts list for the Avant/Sedan conversion is as follows -

Disc = 8E0 615 601R (2-off)

Carrier = 8E0 615 425B (2-off)

Caliper = 8E0 615 423C and 424C

Pads = 4B3 698 451

Hoses = 8E0 611 775H (2-off)

Carrier bolts = To be added (normal S2 avant/sedan items as no spacer required)


Sorry it all took so long - it has been an expensive process at times, but the 8E0 calipers, carriers and pads will go to a good Avant running home.


The total price of everything for my vented rear disc conversion on the S2 Coupe from S4/S6/S8 parts isn't as lairy as you might think. Most expensive item is the S8 carriers as you'll not find them in a breaker easily. The discs are cheap. The pads aren't expensive and I paid about 100 quid for two good calipers of a 1997 S6 from a breaker.





PS - Note that whilst its not necessary to change your handbrake cable for this conversion you might decide to do at this time just to refresh everything on the rear brakes. If you do, then note the following :


Coupe handbrake cables are different each side - 893 609 721E and 893 609 722E

The Coupe handbrake fits the S6/RR caliper with spring clip 857 609 745A (2-off)


The Avant/Sedan handbrake is same each side = 8A0 609 721AD (2-off)

A different retaining clip is required for that on the 8E0 caliper = 171 611 819 (2-off)"


Lo pego porque tambien vale para el coupe.

Ahora te traduzco para tu avant

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En un Avant / Sedan, puede realizarse con el disco 8E0 en tamaño completo de 300x22 utilizando el correspondiente soporte, pinza y las pastillas - no es barato, pero es una buena actualizacion para el avant, ya que es compatible con el sistema de freno de mano.


Lista de piezas para la Avant / Sedan conversión es la siguiente :


Disco = 8E0 615 601R (2-off)

Carrier(porta pinzas?) =8E0 615 425B (2-off)

Zapata = 8E0 615 423C y 424C

pads = 4B3 698 451

Hoses (latiguillos?)8E0 = 611 775H (2-off)

Carrier bolts = Para ser añadido ¿?¿?esto ultimo no lo entiendo


Bueno, aqui te dejo lo que necesitas, lastima que de frenos no me conozca todos los palabros para darte algo mas de luz

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