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Ibiza Cupra


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• Power increased to 136 kW / 185 bhp, torque increased to 390 Nm

• chrome-plated twin tail pipes

• KW stainless steel coilover suspension and Multispoke SLC wheel set


Cup-Racing was where the sport version of the SEAT Ibiza Cupra got its name. With 118 kW / 160 hp, this lightweight is not exactly a weakling in engine power terms. 330 Nm torque is not bad either. JE DESIGN proves, however, that there is still room for improvement. To this end, the Leingarten-based tuner is offering a version of the small Spaniard with a comprehensively modified look.


Once JE DESIGN has modified the engine management, the 1.9 litre turbo-diesel generates a powerful 136 kW / 185 hp, and 390 Nm torque tear at the front axle. A top speed of 225 km/h (production: 220 km/h) and 7.0 seconds (production: 7.6 sec.) for the sprint to one hundred kilometres per hour are really „not bad, for a diesel…“. At the same time, the TDI still complies with current emission regulations. Needless to say, the power cure is supplied together with a TÜV (Technical Inspectorate) parts certificate. Also included (as is the case of all performance enhancements provided by JE DESIGN) is a 1-year warranty on the engine and transmission. The warranty can be extended by one year against payment of a surcharge if the customer so wishes.


The low-lie springs for the original shock absorbers that lower the Ibiza Cupra by approx. 15 mm are intended to give it an even more sporty road lie. Optionally, a KW stainless steel coilover suspension can also be ordered. Headlight screens and rear light masks made of ABS make the Spaniard quite a bit smarter. The sporty rear view is underpinned by chrome-plated twin tail pipes (2 x 90 mm).






As far as the wheel rims are concerned, the customer is spoiled for choice – either he orders the chrome-look "Multispoke SLC" size 7.5 x 18“ ET 35 wheel set with 215/35 ZR 18 tyres or the multi-spoke wheel set in the same size in shadow silver.


Further information about the extensive product range from JE DESIGN is available on the Internet at www.je-design.de.

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vaya makinon!!!!

xq no montara audi esos motores?? estoy pensando la de gente que compraria un a3 con ese motor, esq oy en dia te compras un a3 q vale una pasta y ay un monton de coches con ese mismo motor ( en la epoca del a3 I el tdi de 130 apenas abia coches de su segmento tan potentes). y no nos engañemos señores que los acabados e interiores de todos son parecidos, es mas en las otras marcas asta te vienen mejor equipados ( con el equipamiento basico) p ej. el golf, altea, ....


Pero aun asi el a3 sigue siendo un gran coche

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Puede ser, pero conducir un Audi ó un Golf es otra historia. Y la seguridad de éstos coches, y la calidad de los acabados (no cantidad) está muy por encima del Ibiza. Yo tengo un Golf con 17/18 años y un Ibiza con 5 años y hay mucha diferencia en la calidad de los materiales tanto interiores como exteriores y no digamos en la seguridad que tienes a la hora de ir a velocidades altas.

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