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Renault Clio 3 RS


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Forget Vauxhall's VXR, turn your back on VW's GTI - here's the car that Renault says will leave them both trailing.


Smaller, lighter and promising a bigger punch per pound than any rival, this is the Renaultsport version of the new Clio, which is set to blow the performance car market apart next year.


Built by the company that is leading the Formula One world championship, the flagship supermini will be one of a number of forthcoming hot Renaultsport - RS - hatchbacks, all of which are designed to cement the firm's reput*tion as a leading performance car manufacturer. Hailed as a spiritual successor to the classic Clio Williams of the Nineties and current 182 Cup model, the newcomer has been given a muscular look. But fans will be shocked to learn that Renault has opted to fit a four-cylinder engine.


Bosses have decided not to build another V6-powered Clio, but promise that the RS seen here will be capable enough for the most demanding enthusiasts.


"The all-new model will fill the gap left when the current 2.0-litre and V6 cars reach the end of production. The V6 was only ever intended to be a one-off," a spokesman explained. The new Clio was exclusively revealed by Auto Express in standard trim in issue 854, but the RS version will move the game on again.


The overall shape and details, including the front and rear lights and the windows, are all carried over, but much of the bodywork is new. And it's been developed with British buyers in mind.


The spokesman continued: "The current Renaultsport 182 was styled for conservative European markets as well as the UK. That's why it doesn't look hugely different to standard models. As 50 per cent of Clio RS models are now sold in the UK, this time designers have produced what British buyers want." And as the exclusive images in this week's mag show, the result is one of the most striking and muscular hot hatches ever seen.


The front bumper is low and wide, giving an aggressive stance. Viewed from the side, all the classic hot hatchback cues can be seen, including wide wheelarches, oversized alloy wheels and plenty of chrome details.


However, it's at the rear that Renault's designers have decided to throw caution to the wind, with a silver lower bumper section incorporating an aerodynamic undertray. Like all models to wear the Renaultsport badge, the Clio promises to offer a truly special driving experience. Power will come from a tuned 2.0-litre four-cylinder powerplant producing around 200bhp. Likely to be offered with an advanced traction control system, the car will sprint from 0-60mph in less than seven seconds, going on to a top speed approaching 150mph.


Only too aware that being fast in a straight line isn't enough, Renault's engineers will be working flat-out to ensure the Clio has the handling to match its power. Even standard versions of the new hatch are expected to prove great driver's cars, and the RS will provide more grip and agility than any of its predecessors. With official details still under wraps, no prices have been announced yet, but Renault bosses have confirmed that the hot Clio will be cheaper than the Mégane 225. Buyers of the Clio RS should expect to pay around £17,000.


As part of the launch of the new supermini, the sporting flagship will be unveiled alongside low-spec models at September's Frankfurt Motor Show. While standard versions will arrive in British showrooms at the end of this year, the RS range-topper is unlikely to hit the UK until autumn 2006 at the earliest.








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El amarillo, según lo que he podido comprobar por allí (en foros de Clio), es una maqueta... yo lo veo muy exagerado (parece casi el Megane Trophy de circuito, con la diferencia que el Megane Trophy es casi guapo :huh: ).

El rojo... pues de momento prefiero el mío ;)

Parece un pequeño Scenic en vez de un coche deportivo.

El Clio RS (es decir el 2.0 16v. de 172/182 cv.) era un cochecito deportivo muy logrado en cuanto a equilíbrio motor/chasis/prestaciones/precio con un aspecto bastante sobrio pero deportivo.

Este... habrá que ver la versión definitiva... y sobre todo la versión de Copa, que seguramente será la bomba :p Tiembla León Supercopa! :clap1:

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