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B&B para S3


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Dear Mr.Herrero,

thank you for your friendly inquiry!



B&B set of doormats for AUDI !

Black mats in high-grade fabric, B&B logo imprinted, the ideal present...

for EUR 98 incl. VAT.


We ask you to check our various possibilities for the re-equipment of your

AUDI S3 and indicate us briefly afterwards which re-equipping version is

applicable for you. We will create then immediately a special supply for you

and would be very pleased to be allowed to do the optimization of your

vehicle reliably according to your desires.


NEW !!!

1) B&B ALUMINIUIM-wheel "B1" with 5-spokes, "B2" in multi-piece design, and

"B3" cross-spokes design

From 7"x15 to 10"x22 - for Audi A2 to A8 and for VW Lupo to VW Phaeton / VW



Type "B1" in classical 5-spokes design

Type "B2" in multi-piece design with 16 spokes

Type "B3" in mutli-piece design with cross-spokes


Every rim includes a polished high-grade steel rim base. This provides the

rim, apart from a shining optic due to its high stability, an up to now

unreached everyday life fitness.



- the high-grade steel rims can bear a confrontation with i.e. guid rails of

car-washes without lasting damages

- small scratches can be easily polished away and vanish totally

- profen up to 800kg (B1) and 900kg (B2) - so also qualified for heavier

modells like VW-Phaeton, VW-Touareg, VW-T4, AUDI A6/A8/Allroad.




If you like to receive extensive AUDI folder material including test data,

please send a stamp duty of EUR 5 as banknote; we send you gladly in the

next days our AUDI folders inclusive performance data and price lists via

mail. We are sorry, but we had to raise this stamp duty due to the rising

request on folders. With an order this duty of EUR 5 will be credited, of


Please indicate your motor vehicle type when ordering the documents.


If you were not able to receive the pictures of the vehicles and components

attached to this e-mail, the memory of your e-mail account might has been

too small. Should you nevertheless want to have the pictures transmitted,

please make sure your account has a memory capacity of at least 2-3 MB. The

pictures sent are of a size about 400KB to give detailed images.


NEWS !!!

- short-shift for 6-gear transmissions for AUDI A3/S3, A4/S4, RS4, A6, S6,

TT/TTS, VW Golf/Bora.

Shortening of the gear-shift about 40mm - thereby clearly faster and

sportier switching is achieved, which will inspire you!!!

Price: starting from EUR 298 inclusive assembly incl. VAT.


NEWS !!!

- aluminium air-circulation system for AUDI 1.8T + S3 + TTS

Exchange of the standard hose connector between turbochargers and air

cleaners to prevent the hose from pulling together at a higher engine torque

and to quarantee a more stable performance on highest engine torque.

By mounting the B&B ALUMINIUM air-circulation there is an increased air

induction (up to 30gr/s.) by which you achieve a direct response and a much

better performance.

Price: EUR 498 incl. VAT, assembly EUR 198 incl. VAT

self-adjustment possible - mounting-time about 3 - 4 hours





NEWS !!!

- Pre-manifold exhaust tube - increased and flowoptimized for AUDI S3 + TTS

Exchange of the standard pre-manifold exhaust tube into the flowmoderately

optimized version to reduce the exhaust counter-pressure further and to

exhaust thus the exhaust gases faster.

Price: EUR 998 incl. VAT - assembly EUR 298 incl. VAT


NEWS !!!

- special racing catalysts 100CPSI for AUDI S3 + TTS

Exchange of the standard ceramic(s) catalysts into two flowoptimized

high-grade steel catalysts with 100CPSI network.

Thereby the exhaust counter-pressure is reduced clearly and the exhaust

gases are faster exhausted.

Price: EUR 1.498 incl. VAT - assembly EUR 198 incl. VAT (only with the B&B

sports exhaust system of high-grade steel)




NEWS !!!

- Special pressure pipe with performance Pop off valve EVO 6 in connection

with special aluminium air-circulation

Increased input and output of the Pop off valve - thereby quicker conversion

of the boost pressure and optimized gas exchanges - for AUDI S3 + TTS

Price: EUR 1.198 incl.VAT - assembly EUR 298 incl. VAT


Current photos on our homepage under " projects/news "!!


Our new S3 final sport silencer (also as sport exhaust system) can be found

on our homepage under column " projects/news ".

The system is made of polished full high-grade steel, the chromium-plated

final pipes have a diameter of 70mm and a warranty of 2 years without any

delimitation of kilometers. The price for the final sport silencer amounts

to EUR 798 incl. VAT + dispatcht; the sport exhaust system amounts to EUR

1.198 incl. VAT. An increased output of 3-5h.p. with the final silencer, and

5-8h.p. with the exhaust sytem are to be expected. The sound of the exhaust

system is sportily dully/mustily without being importunate. The exhaust

system matches very properly and can be installed from any mechanic -

duration approx. 1-2 hours.

A re-equipment on level 2 with the assembly of the B&B sport exhaust system

(206KW/280h.p.) is possible within a day (also with chassis- and/or





We perform the optimization on level 1 at AUDI S3-engines by a complex

modification of the electronic code field. Here the boost pressure is raised

over approx. 0,2bar; injection pressure, -mixes and -point in time are

co-ordinated with the increased boost presure in dependency on the engine

torque. This is done on a non-standard basis differently at every other

controller, since ex factory different programmings are available. This has

the advantage of a seriesnear stability and a full everyday life fitness.

On level 2 the boost pressure is raised over approx. 0,25bar, the injection

code field is adapted to this boost pressure, the induction pipe system and

ventilation circuit are worked on as well as the ignition- and jet field

systems are optimized. Addtionally we install a modified and polished

pressure pipe and strengthen the air induction in this area.

Soon available: Exchange of the standard hose connector between air cleaners

and turbochargers into a B&B aluminium connecting piece in order to achieve

more effective pressure.

In preparation is a modified pre-manifold exhaust tube with an increased

cross section made of high-grade steel.


The performance of the 210h.p. AUDI S3 rises on level 1 to approx.

184KW/250h.p. - the torque rises from 270Nm to approx. 360Nm.

The performance of the 225h.p. AUDI S3 rises on level 1 to approx.

191KW/260h.p. - the torque rises from 280Nm to approx. 365Nm.

On level 2 the performance rises to approx. 200KW/272h.p. - the torque rises

to approx. 385Nm - in connection with our sport exhaust system to approx.

206KW/280h.p. - this is most interesting version concerning the price !

On level 3 - approx. 220KW/300h.p. - in addition to level 2, a processed

special turbocharger with modified exhaust elbow unions is inserted.

Additionally the modified air charge cooling is optimized, our sport exhaust

system is installed and the electronic codefield is co-ordinated completely

on that. Complete with all our new high-tech components (Level EVO) you will

get nearly 232KW/315PS!



Level 1 EUR 1.198 incl. VAT + assembly

Level 2 EUR 1.998 incl. VAT inclusive assembly

Level 3 EUR 6.998 incl. VAT inclusive assembly

Level EVO EUR 11.498 incl. VAT inclusive assembly


Further increases in output of turbo models are possible - we ask in this

case for your separated inquiry - gladly also personal.


The B&B engine- and drive-guarantee is included in the prices of the

increases in output.

If you decide for the re-equipment up to a status of 10.000km, the period of

warranty is 24 months / without any limitations of kilometers.

Starting from 10.000km run performance the duration of the guarantee is 12

months / 100.000km* (* what comes first).

Starting from 100.000km run performance there is a guarantee of 6months /

50.000km on the control device. A warranty for engine and transmission is no

longer possibe.

On our electronic software there is a warranty of 5 years without any

limitations of kilometers.


The B&B chassis suspension kit puts the S3 over approx. 30mm deeper, has an

optimal tuning on the series shock absorbers and amoutns to EUR 298 incl.


The B&B thread chassis for A3 S3 vehicles is available it in two different

tuning versions - comfort- and sport version - and is particularly

recommended with uprated vehicles, since it clearly contributes, apart from

a broader tyre, to the improvement of the road-hugging property and thus to

your security.

Price: EUR 1.198 incl. VAT


Our B&B/Porsche Bi-turbo 4-pistons brake calipers (322mm) for AUDI S3

vehicles amount to EUR 2.998 incl. assembly incl. VAT for the front axle

assembly (also for the rear axle possible - EUR 4.198 incl. assembly incl.

VAT) and is recommended as a useful supplement of the performance

optimization, since the braking action from high rates as well as the

stability are on the level of the Porsche turbo model with 300KW/408h.p.

Certified for wheel sets starting from 17"inch - e.g. series wheels of the

AUDI S3 (also with winter tires possible).





The B&B shim disc record for series wheels of AUDI S3 vehicles consists

(inclusive mounting material) of 4x15mm aluminium shim discs (30mm per axle

or 30mm at front axle and 40mm at rear axle). The price: EUR 348 incl. VAT


We would be pleased to do the re-equipment of your vehicle and quarentee a

professional and reliable performance of all work.


B&B is a certified company for optimization of vehicles and member in the

VDAT - the federation of German automobiles tuner registered association -



For further questions (chassis, sport brake systems, wheels, etc.) you can

call us or sent an e-mail.

Visit us and become acquainted with our company: in our showroom you can

always find some interesting VW + AUDI vehicles - we look forward to your



Our AUDI S3 with 250h.p. was tested in number 9/1999 of "Sport Auto" and in

number 9/1999 of "Gute Fahrt " !

*** "sport auto" comment in number 9/99: " the engine tuning from B&B leaves

the most balanced impression. The harmonious performance development and the

broadly useable number of engine torque let it come out as winner. "


Yours sincerely

Stephan Baumeister

B&B automotive engineering GmbH


Birlenbacher Str.126

57078 Siegen-Birlenbach

Tel.: 0049 / (0) 271 / 30323-0

Fax: 0049 / (0) 271 / 30323-99

Email: info@bb-automobiltechnik.de

Internet: www.bb-automobiltechnik.de

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