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BRICO: Sensor presión neumaticos


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He encontrado esto navegando, y la verdad es que tiene buena pinta, en cuatro perras te montas el sensor de presión original, yo lo haré cuando tenga tiempo, si alguien quiere ir probando...


1. Control Module Check & Coding


Ok, first let's check which ABS module you have...


Address 03: ABS Brakes

Controller: 1K0 907 379 Q

Component: ESP FRONT MK60 0102

Coding: 0021122


1K0 907 379 K and 1K0 907 379 Q are known for working, other may too.


The new coding with TPMS active is 0004738 (0021122-16384), you can code before putting in the new switch and wires.


So for all others, unset (disable) bit 14 (16384) in your coding, this means, substract 16384 from your original coding.


2. The Right Switch & Other Parts


Of course you need the new switch (decide yourself which one you need) and the connector for the switch.


8P0-927-121--5PR (10 EUR + VAT) = For cars without double DIN radio (Concert, Chorus, Aftermarket)

8P0-927-121-A-5PR (10 EUR + VAT) = For cars with double DIN radio (Symphony, RNS-E)

4D0-971-636-A (2 EUR + VAT)

000-979-009 = Repair wires (incl. pins) for the connector.


3. Let's Wire it Up!


E226 = TPMS Button

J104 = Brake Electronics Control Module (ABS)

J519 = Central Electronics Control Module


E226 Pin 1 = gr/bl (grey/blue) > T12c/12 (J519)

E226 Pin 3 = br (brown) > Ground

E226 Pin 4 = sw/gr (black/grey) > Terminal 15 (Fuse 6)

E226 Pin 6 = gr/gn (grey/green) > (J104)


The easiest way to grap the necessary signals without much work is to grab them from the ASR/ESP Button (E256)! This saves you alot of hassle and gives the same result.


E226 Pin 1 = gr/bl (grey/blue) = E256 Pin 1

E226 Pin 3 = br (brown) = E256 Pin 3


The ASR/ESP button takes terminal 15 from fuse 4 instead of fuse 6 but it's save to take that one from the ASR/ESP button too.


E226 Pin 4 = sw/gr (black/grey) = E256 Pin 4


So the only pin that needs real wiring is the one that goes to the ABS control module! Depending on which ABS and which transmission you have, decide where pin 6 needs to go for you:


MK70 = J104/Pin 7

MK60 (with Manual Transmission or 02E/DSG) = J104/Pin 27

MK60 (with Auto. Transmission 09G) = J104/Pin 41


After connecting the button, check if it's working or not, you should use VAG-COM and ABS Meas. Block 018 Field 1.


4. How it Works


First off, the new button only resets the TPMS learned values, after that it needs some some driving distance to relearn these values! The learned values are adpapted in several steps (speed ranges), each step (range) is devided into 2 thresholds in 2 stages (powered and rolling), you can check this using VAG-COM and read meas. block 031 in your ABS control module.


Quote, originally posted by VAG-COM Labelfile »

031,0,Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) IV

; 0 = Nothing Learned

; 1 = Only 1st Threshold powered

; 2 = Only 2nd Threshold powered

; 3 = Only 1st Threshold rolling

; 4 = Only 2nd Threshold rolling

; 5 = 1st Threshold powered and rolling

; 6 = 1st Threshold powered and 2nd Threshold rolling

; 7 = 2nd Threshold powered and 1st Threshold rolling

; 8 = 2nd Threshold powered and rolling (Optimal)

031,1,Speed Ranges I

; 5?xxx = Speed Range 1 ( 15 - 70 km/h)

; 5x?xx = Speed Range 2 ( 70 - 100 km/h)

; 5xx?x = Speed Range 3 (100 - 130 km/h)

; 5xxx? = Speed Range 4 (130 - 160 km/h)

031,2,Speed Ranges II

; 5?xxx = Speed Range 5 (160 - 190 km/h)

; 5x?xx = Speed Range 6 (190 - 220 km/h)

; 5xx?x = Speed Range 7 (220 - 250 km/h)


; 5?x00 = Curve Recognition (0 = No Curve / 1 = Left or Right Curve learned / 2 = Complete Curve learned)

; 5x?00 = Wheel Recognition (0 = inactive / 1 = activ)



Optimal would be:


031 Field 1 = 58888

031 Field 2 = 58880

031 Field 3 = 52100


Since in the US I doubt that you will run more than 130 km/h, you don't need to worry about the ranges above.


P.S.: Since this write-up is only about the major facts, you should read this (German) one made by Andy Grander (Andy7) back then when we figured how to do this on a Golf 5, so the wiring instructions should not be taked from that document - take the ones above!


Esta sacado de aqui:



un saludo

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en opción de fábrica cuesta 60 € ASI que no creo que sea muy caro a posteriori :conf:


yo lo llevo y no me ha dado problemas :lol2: pero no me lo pondría por mi cuenta pues con las ruedas y el ABS, ESP, etc de por medio no me atrevo :lol2:

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en opción de fábrica cuesta 60 € ASI que no creo que sea muy caro a posteriori :innocent:


yo lo llevo y no me ha dado problemas :lol2: pero no me lo pondría por mi cuenta pues con las ruedas y el ABS, ESP, etc de por medio no me atrevo :conf:


Sacando cuentas a ojo el boton y los cables unos 15€ en total, y supongo que una tarde entretenida de cablear jejeje


La instalación no parece nada complicada la verdad

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por cierto hablando de la garantia. la de audi es dos años o es mas??


Que yo sepa es 1, aunque claro por ley te tienen que dar dos por pelotas así que son 2.Si pagas los 600 euros de la super garantía entonces tienes 3 y luego creo que son 10 años en chapa o algo así

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