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Audi RS6 c7 4.0 BiT - 06/2015 - Desty

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Hello all,


Before we kick off topic, I would like to do small introduction about me. I am 29, originally from Estonia, I have been living almost 6 years in Costa Del Sol. From that period, I was living around 5 years in Marbella while enjoying everything what Spain has to offer(and that is a lot) but last year we bought old factory in Historic Malaga and renovated that to loft style apartment and moved in here. Marbella can be fun in summer, but winter time is kind of ...boring. Malaga provides good entertainment and very very many nice people year around and we been enjoying it to the fullest. 


Yes, I know, I been living here for 6 years and should speak Spanish fluently. Well, Marbella is a little different and mostly everyone speaks English in there, so actually learning the language is a bit complicated because all my spanish friends instantly start speaking English with me. Malaga is different, as the amount of tourists is lower, so I think when living here, I will learn language faster. 


Enough Off Topic, time to speak cars. I been always into cars, I have had several of them during past 11 years - including 4 Audis.


My first Audi when I was 19 years old:


Audi A6 1997 Manual Quattro:




Back then I use to work in Audi Center in Finland doing Car Detailing - such as high end polishing, wrapping, tinting and other similar things.


After that we moved to Spain and instantly I bought myself Audi A5 2009 3.0 Quattro manual:



Best car ever! Engine/manual transmission/quattro combo was very good for this. 


My next one was the first RS I ever owned.


Audi RS5 2013 4.2 Automatic:




I owned this car for 2 years. It is a great car, most likely last big engined, which is not supercharged or turboed. It had Miltek exhaust(not full) and ECU upgrading, putting out 340kw of power.



Now my current car:


AUDI RS6 06/2015 4.0 BiT - stock 412kw.


I bought the car last year in june from Germany. It was not easy to find full extras and decent price combination. This car had price tag of 167500e when it was new. I paid 92000e for it in Germany. Dropped a lot, for my surprise.


When it was in Germany:


Mileage was just 32000km when I bought it.


So I bought it from Germany and drove it myself to Estonia. That was around 3200km - but I was very excited, so it was very fun to drive with one of my friend.


I had great plans for this car as this engine is something that can be tuned to very very powerful.


First of all, it went to VKM motors, which is super car tuning center in Tallinn, Estonia. They are well known about their hyper dragsters.

In their, they installed full Miltek exhaust from engine to end. And obviously played with ECU to get engine power up.






Total cost for ECU upgrade(custom software) and full Miltek was around 6900e.

Full System
Road+ with 76mm Downpipes and 100cell cats. Uses OE Tips. Requires a stage 2 ECU remap
LH 76mm Primary Cat Bypass Downpipe (fits LH Turbo){Cerakote Semi-Gloss Black Finish}
RH 76mm Primary Cat Bypass Downpipe (fits RH Turbo){Cerakote Semi-Gloss Black Finish}
LH Secondary 100-CPSI Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst (under car)
RH Secondary 100-CPSI Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst (under car)
Centre Silencer Assembly (Road+)
Centre Silencer Assembly (Road+)
ValveSonic LH Rear Silencer
ValveSonic RH Rear Silencer


Now, let's get some numbers. I have lost my dyno papers for actual proof of power, but it puts out 723HP/539kw with this setup. Stage 2 turbo with racing Miltek.


And I can tell you, this car is FAST! I drove 1 mile with top speed of 302km/h(launch control) and professional race driver did 0-100 with  3.22s - which is extreme for car with this size(we did remove ALL weight from the car and launch control was used)


I was one of the driver's for Gumball last year, so we needed to get it wrapped and went with this one:



End result:



But, this didn't end here, there was something cool I got my hands on:


Yes, this is legit RS6 plate number, which I have in Spain right now.




The wraps are still on but I think I will remove them soon.


And I am here with a request, I am very bad of taking photos, is there someone in Costa Del Sol area, that does this for living or is just very good? I would love to get some nice photos taken by professional.


Feel free to contact me about any Audi related events or general meetings. As I said before, I live in Historic part of Malaga and would be happy to introduce the car live also.


Cheers all,



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Nice cars and nice taste. Wellcome to ASI , do not worry about languages. :1310_thumbsup_tone1:

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Welcome to ASI and nice work. Awesome RS6! :good::hi:

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What such a great history. Fantastic cars, I realy love the colour you used in Gumball, it's pretty amazing.

In northwest of Spain there's also beuaty places to take some pics!

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In spanish: IM-PRE-SI-O-NAN-TE

I have a friend called Jose. He lives in Marbella. This is his web: http://www.topcardetail.es/

You can tell him Emilio or a34323 has given you his information. Perhaps he will can help you taking a beutiful photos or will know a good photographer. 

Enjoy it!!!


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